Thursday, 23 September 2010

work work work...

mm.. I failed my task for the week and didn't get to do any work yesterday.. to be honest I had a tiny bit of a breakdown stressing about everything I've got to do and about how I don't think I'm going to get any free time for the rest of the holidays to do what I want.. I've literally been working full time on projects for college/my future since before I made this blog a few weeks back.. haven't played any games or really watched anything for fun, only had stuff on in the background and it may be affecting the quality of my storyboards..

Drawing is becomming less fun, and this is normally the part where I should back away from college work and relax for a bit, but I just want to finish this so badly so that it won't be on my mind as it has for most of the summer..
Even after that I still have my dissertation and some outstanding art for my friends. I always do this.. stupid me. Makes me wonder if art is really what I should be doing. Is it even worth all this stress over something that might just be critised and not used?

Anywho.. here's the next three storyboards, I went back two or three times on this scene to change it and make it better. Pretend the last two storyboards never happened!;

There are more animated parts in the animatic.. So far I've reach 110 frames or more.

I also spoke to my sister, Emma, Ryan, Harry and some other friends on what they think should happen and whether they liked the direction and the general feedback was that the grandpa should not be good at the games, at least not this first one, and should fail quite a lot so voila..
He will probably get better at the next couple of games.
I've just realised my storyboard may be getting too long..
Plus I can't remember how to use Premier Pro :(

all work and no play... but it's my own choice.
Will post the videogame research for this project in my next entry as well as the next few rough storyboards :)

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