Thursday, 30 September 2010


Everything is now complete! Thought I would post it all in one entry so it's easy to find in case I need to refer to it during the pitch and something goes wrong.

Character designs;



editing in progress

Over the last four days I have been working very hard almost all day on my pitch and I'm happy to say I have completed everything!

First the rest of the storyboards... The final videogame scene involves fighting games, and the ones I play are only Soul Calibur 2 and Super Smash Bros, so a big chunk of my inspiration comes from them.. but for this project I chose to focus on Soul Calibur as I know there are a lot more games like that (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Mortal Kombat etc.) that use the same system with health bars so I thought the audience might relate to it more that way..

Scene 4;

The climatic fight of the film.. I went into quite a lot of the detail for the fight with the animatic which I hope to upload in the next post.. For now though, the most important thing is that the Grandpa has slightly improved whilst being in the videogame, and thanks to a tip he remembered his granddaughter telling him outside the game, he defeats the opponent.


Quite a short scene.. Just shows the granddaughter entering the game, she appears because he has finally found enjoyment in the game and understands her a little better..

Scene 5/6;

In the final scene he 'wakes up' and it is implied that everything was a dream.. except for the fact that he still has the fighting head-band from the last videogame! So maybe it wasn't a dream after all??? ;) hmmm.. you will have to decide for yourselves.
Anyway.. happy ending with the granddaughter and grandad trying to play games again.. I guess what I'm trying to say with this story is that videogame can bring people together, I know that when people come to my house if we start playing videogames it can be a real icebreaker.

Now then... Improvements..

My friend Emma Wyton came over my house from Tuesday-Wednesday and she went through my animatic and storyboards so far and gave me ideas for improvements.. She suggested the addition of 'lives' in the right corner of the screen and health bars (which i only ended up using for the fight sequence as they were a bit distracting). She also gave me a couple more leads for research on this project;

This music video involves people going into videogames, and it was useful in seeing how other people had done it.
She also spoke a lot about Scott Pilgrim (there are clips from the film in the above video which was also why it was useful), who I have already mentioned in research, but the film and comics were a huge influence to this project, it's like videogame geek heaven! haha ^__^

Now I just have to do my dissertation.. but time for a very long break which involves a ton of videogames :D
I'm thankful I've done this and I most likely will keep returning to my pitch before we go back to tweak things or if I get feedback from the tutors but for now I'm satisfied with it and I think I've done some work I can be proud of.

If my idea is picked, I will have to do a couple more character designs, like the 'Bowser' type creature, and the two opponents in the fight sequence near the end as well as some of the go-carts, but I think for now I don't need to go that detailed.
Those characters will also be entirely 2D as I don't want to put too much work on my group, I think two characters to rig are enough!

Have also completed a powerpoint presentation ready to show the class, so I think I'm all set now ^^

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scene 3 Complete

Here are the last two storyboards for Scene 3.. It's the shortest scene, cause I'm running out of time and need to get to the climax asap XD

He basically fails big time here.. I'm going to add the health bar and life decrease on Adobe Flash later but everything else is fine as far as I can see..


I've decided to base it off 'Mario Kart', and I wasn't originally going to.. but then I thought 'Hey, it's my pitch, so I should base it off games that I play and love' so screw it! This way i can make it my own and keep myself interested too...

I've also decided for the animatic I will not add sound.. I think doing the character designs, facial expressions, storyboards and animatic will be enough for my pitch, and besides I have other projects that I am very keen to start working on and want to get this one finished soon :)
I don't think I'm going to upload any more of the animatic until it's done, and even then only after the presentation, I don't want to post EVERYTHING online before the presentation otherwise people that visit my blog will know what to expect in it and it'll just make me feel more nervous when it comes to presenting :( I am awful at presenting, I have to practice that before the day as well.

Also, just spoke to Clym briefly who asked whether I was making a PowerPoint presentation for it, and I completely forgot about that, so I'm going to start on that soon too!

I feel more motivated for this project now, I have just returned from a sleepover with a few of my anime club friends and I discussed my work with them and got some nice feedback (even if it is biased as they're my friends :D) it made me want to continue with this project.

Also... small website update! It has gotten a lot of good feedback from friends so I'm happy with it, but for some reason my mac isnt connecting to the internet once again so I can't update it :( I have lots more pics to upload and things to tweak but I can't do that until I'm back at college methinks... Noooooo

Friday, 24 September 2010

Animatic Practise 1

Decided to put what I had storyboarded together so far and see how it looked as an animatic. I still need to add the health bar and additional lives, but since I'm working in Adobe Flash to do it, it should be quite straightforward and it'll be ready in the final animatic.

Not perfect quality uploading it this way, sorry.

The movie is just under a minute long so far and I don't really want to break 2 minutes if possible so I'm trying to be careful with the timing. Just have to make sure I don't make it go too fast and give moments of pause to let certain things sink in. Also not sure whether to bother with sound or whether it needs any voice acting, but will let people watch it and get feedback that way. Back to the drawing board... *literally*

Videogame Research

First off, here's the next few storyboard frames I worked on last night;

I wanted to think of an interesting way for him to go from one game to the other, so he's freefalling into it :)

And I thought I should also quickly post some of the research I've been using for the storyboard part of my project..

For the Mario Level, I went and played a bit of Super Mario on the GameBoy Color, and I have tried to change the monsters slightly so they are parodies rather than exact copies.

I also watched this level of a guy playing a very hard level of Mario and continually dying. Which led me to think of the different ways Grandpa could fail on the game - falling down, getting hurt by enemies, tripping up, fire-related death etc.

The film and comics 'Scott Pilgrim' may have been one of the biggest inspirations for this idea though, since the film is heavily based on videogames, and the characters do things like Level Up, have health bars and pull of crazy videogame battles. Until the film is released I can't show a lot of clips for it :(

After discussing my project with Emma on the phone last night I want to go back and change a couple of things.
-Grandpa is going to have three 'lives', one for each game and when he dies it will take a life away each time.
-The second level should be much shorter because I'm running out of time! So he's going to crash at the beginning!
-Grandpa will have a health bar in each game to show his health decreasing at certain stages in the level (i.e. in the mario one when he gets attacked).

As for the ending, it's bad to say, but I still am not sure which way to go with it..
I've sent my blog to Jared though to get some feedback from him, and then I will progress further and decide what to do, maybe I will need to change a lot of things.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

work work work...

mm.. I failed my task for the week and didn't get to do any work yesterday.. to be honest I had a tiny bit of a breakdown stressing about everything I've got to do and about how I don't think I'm going to get any free time for the rest of the holidays to do what I want.. I've literally been working full time on projects for college/my future since before I made this blog a few weeks back.. haven't played any games or really watched anything for fun, only had stuff on in the background and it may be affecting the quality of my storyboards..

Drawing is becomming less fun, and this is normally the part where I should back away from college work and relax for a bit, but I just want to finish this so badly so that it won't be on my mind as it has for most of the summer..
Even after that I still have my dissertation and some outstanding art for my friends. I always do this.. stupid me. Makes me wonder if art is really what I should be doing. Is it even worth all this stress over something that might just be critised and not used?

Anywho.. here's the next three storyboards, I went back two or three times on this scene to change it and make it better. Pretend the last two storyboards never happened!;

There are more animated parts in the animatic.. So far I've reach 110 frames or more.

I also spoke to my sister, Emma, Ryan, Harry and some other friends on what they think should happen and whether they liked the direction and the general feedback was that the grandpa should not be good at the games, at least not this first one, and should fail quite a lot so voila..
He will probably get better at the next couple of games.
I've just realised my storyboard may be getting too long..
Plus I can't remember how to use Premier Pro :(

all work and no play... but it's my own choice.
Will post the videogame research for this project in my next entry as well as the next few rough storyboards :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Website and Beginning of Scene Two

Alrighty... Shortly after I posted my last entry I went back to my website and spent about 3 hours putting my signature on every single piece of art there =__= I was really worried about it getting used by other people so I feel at least a little happier about it now..

I've also done another 3 pages worth of storyboarding.. but most of it was completed yesterday. I wanted to try and complete a scene each day and finish by Friday but I'm completely shattered, just had a very long, tiring and stressful day so this is all I can manage at the moment;

I'm finding it difficult coming up with ideas for this section, normally I have people to bump ideas off but I'm by myself in the house a lot of the time whilst I'm working on this so I'm just going by instinct.

Was also thinking about the animatic;
-does it need any voice acting? can the story tell itself?
-and as for the music, what would that be? do I need to worry about it for the animatic?

That's all for now... I'm doing some dissertation research too but I'll save that for another entry. Night night x__x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Storyboarding Scene One

Okay.. Now here comes what I feel is the hardest part of this project and that is the storyboarding (and then the animatic..). So I started with a very rough storyboard of what I wanted for the first scene when the girl and her grandpa are playing videogames;

To be honest it's pretty unclear and I'm not sure what I wrote for some of it but that's how I work at first, my ideas come out in a big hurry and then I take my time improving them on the neatened piece. And the same is true here, I drew that a couple of days ago and have since gone over it a bit neater;

In the animatic there will be more frames, some of them will actually have movement (like the characters on the game will fight a little bit, and the girl will be animated moving around her grandpa). I wasn't sure what to write underneath cause to be it's pretty self-explanatory at this point.

Now for the second scene.. when he goes into the videogame world!! Woooooo

Website Complete!

Okay... So I waited about 24 hours for my site to be uploaded and when I got on this morning there was still nothing... So I browsed google asking why that might be and found help through this site;

It says that if there is too much content then it may not upload. So, I got rid of all the animations on there and replaced them with the youtube vids I had uploaded instead and tried again and.. *click one of the pics below*

WOO IT'S DONE!! That's one of the four projects completed... (the others being the dissertation, summer pitch and some outstanding art I need to draw for my friends).


As for improvements...
It goes without saying I need more art and animations up there and ones that are more varied to show the extent of my skills.
And it's fine on a mac, but the 'About Me' page looks really cramped on a PC so I think that needs tweaking..
And maybe I should watermark all the images???

I think at some point in the near future I might also make some business cards and whenever I go to conventions or even meet up with people randomly, begin handing them out. No sense waiting til I graduate.

For now though I will chill out a little bit since I've been working almost non-stop on this (except for occassionally doing storyboards) for the past 3 days... *collapse*