Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Character Development

Since breaking up for summer, I have been drawing tons. I've filled about 40 pages in my sketchbook and done about 20 fully finished pictures (which can be found on my website). Over the course of that time I have done a few initial drawings for this project and its characters;

This picture is just looking at hairstyles for young girls.. some of them are a bit crazy, but I blame my lifelong obsession with manga for it! I will tone it down in the final design. Also drew my friends hand as she was playing her DS because I want the young girl to be video-game obsessed and this helps me get a feel for how hands hold controllers and such XD

More hairstyles when I was experimenting with a slightly older gamer. Random bear with a monocle as well.. for some reason.

Starting to decide on the finished look, I've chosen a hairstyle (which incidentally was in none of the above tests..) and I'm starting to think about her outfit and eye shape etc. I want it to be far from manga style but I'll have to work on that.

Just initial ideas for the Grandpa character, haven't developed him as much as honestly I had more fun drawing the girl but I will work on him more very soon.

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