Sunday, 19 September 2010

Website Nearly Ready?

Okay, i officially HATE making websites... not only did it take the best part of a day and a half to get it looking how I wanted, but I spent 4 hours last night buying a domain and then trying to upload it! I have much more respect for people who create websites.. that was quite a challenge.

Luckily my friend was on hand so I phoned him and he helped me through it, and I also had the handy google search engine ^__^ and Cyberduck (the FTP server.. I don't quite understand it myself).
The site that helped me is here;

The website itself should be up and ready in a few hours... I hope.

Ah, it also turns out I didn't have to upload my videos to youtube after all, I can upload them directly onto the site but I'm not 100% how that is gonna look once it's up. It might also delay the time it takes for the site to load so youtube is my back-up plan!

Slightly worried cause I didn't put watermarks on the images and anyone could just take them... Other people on other sites haven't done it but maybe I should anyway..??
I'll think about it, I still have awhile before the site's up anyway.

One last thing concerning the website...

When I first started thinking about it a few days ago, I wanted to get a 'flipbook' effect for the sketchpages like this;

So I messaged the guy who made it asking how he did it.
Here is the correspondence;

Hello! I’m sure you get this all the time so please excuse me for asking, but I’m making one of my Uni projects in flash at the moment and I’m a little stuck. I want to get the flipbook effect you created in your deviations like this one;

But I can’t seem to find a tutorial on it and I was just wondering if you could tell me whether you used a tutorial (and if so could you provide a link to it?) or whether you created the actionscript for it yourself?

Hope you can help,

I got his reply today;

I made the actionscript myself.

I believe the trick is to hand-animate the flipping motion in the timeline with a movieclip symbol that acts as a container, and at run time you add the pages as a child to it. When the user clicks forward or back, you load the top page and the bottom page with the correct frames, depending on the action.

So there you have it... Am not going to use that method in the end because I can't quite figure out how that would work on my website (all flash files on there I have to link to my deviantart because you can only upload quicktimes and not swfs (flash files) but it's nice to know for future reference.

Also emma has just shared with me a wonderful video, the making of the 'after the rain' animation i posted a few journals back;

It really makes me feel like im on the right track since I'm doing a lot of that stuff as well - colour tests, expression sheets etc. The stress is slowly SLOOOWWWLLLY starting to clear but I just want it done!!

And yes I'm still storyboarding.. it's taking a long time =__= only done about 25 frames so far.

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