Monday, 20 September 2010

Storyboarding Scene One

Okay.. Now here comes what I feel is the hardest part of this project and that is the storyboarding (and then the animatic..). So I started with a very rough storyboard of what I wanted for the first scene when the girl and her grandpa are playing videogames;

To be honest it's pretty unclear and I'm not sure what I wrote for some of it but that's how I work at first, my ideas come out in a big hurry and then I take my time improving them on the neatened piece. And the same is true here, I drew that a couple of days ago and have since gone over it a bit neater;

In the animatic there will be more frames, some of them will actually have movement (like the characters on the game will fight a little bit, and the girl will be animated moving around her grandpa). I wasn't sure what to write underneath cause to be it's pretty self-explanatory at this point.

Now for the second scene.. when he goes into the videogame world!! Woooooo

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