Thursday, 16 September 2010

Girl Development 2

Trying to finish designing the girl character, I'm nearly there now I think. I've changed my idea for the outfit completely because I realised I already had a character I made about 3 years ago for my final major project during my foundation year at Ravensbourne with a similar outfit and I don't like having characters that look alike! (unless they're twins or something...)

So anyway, I went back to the drawing board and started trying to design some new outfits by looking at clothes I had in my wardrobe and random other places.

Finally I came across a design I was happy with (the one on the bottom-right) so I edited the reference sheet to match it;

Next..... Working on the colours!;

As always when I design characters, I spend at least an hour messing around with different colours for the finished outfits, then I leave it for a bit, get some other people's opinions and decide on the final result. Altogether I had around 14 different variations I could use and the above ones are narrowed down after I had a half hour break and decided these were the best 5. In particular I like the last two designs but I might end up using the 4th one because I want the girl to have bright colours as it can reflect her personality and I want the animation to be colourful! Might still edit it some more later but we shall see..

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