Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scene 3 Complete

Here are the last two storyboards for Scene 3.. It's the shortest scene, cause I'm running out of time and need to get to the climax asap XD

He basically fails big time here.. I'm going to add the health bar and life decrease on Adobe Flash later but everything else is fine as far as I can see..


I've decided to base it off 'Mario Kart', and I wasn't originally going to.. but then I thought 'Hey, it's my pitch, so I should base it off games that I play and love' so screw it! This way i can make it my own and keep myself interested too...

I've also decided for the animatic I will not add sound.. I think doing the character designs, facial expressions, storyboards and animatic will be enough for my pitch, and besides I have other projects that I am very keen to start working on and want to get this one finished soon :)
I don't think I'm going to upload any more of the animatic until it's done, and even then only after the presentation, I don't want to post EVERYTHING online before the presentation otherwise people that visit my blog will know what to expect in it and it'll just make me feel more nervous when it comes to presenting :( I am awful at presenting, I have to practice that before the day as well.

Also, just spoke to Clym briefly who asked whether I was making a PowerPoint presentation for it, and I completely forgot about that, so I'm going to start on that soon too!

I feel more motivated for this project now, I have just returned from a sleepover with a few of my anime club friends and I discussed my work with them and got some nice feedback (even if it is biased as they're my friends :D) it made me want to continue with this project.

Also... small website update! It has gotten a lot of good feedback from friends so I'm happy with it, but for some reason my mac isnt connecting to the internet once again so I can't update it :( I have lots more pics to upload and things to tweak but I can't do that until I'm back at college methinks... Noooooo

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