Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Website and Beginning of Scene Two

Alrighty... Shortly after I posted my last entry I went back to my website and spent about 3 hours putting my signature on every single piece of art there =__= I was really worried about it getting used by other people so I feel at least a little happier about it now..

I've also done another 3 pages worth of storyboarding.. but most of it was completed yesterday. I wanted to try and complete a scene each day and finish by Friday but I'm completely shattered, just had a very long, tiring and stressful day so this is all I can manage at the moment;

I'm finding it difficult coming up with ideas for this section, normally I have people to bump ideas off but I'm by myself in the house a lot of the time whilst I'm working on this so I'm just going by instinct.

Was also thinking about the animatic;
-does it need any voice acting? can the story tell itself?
-and as for the music, what would that be? do I need to worry about it for the animatic?

That's all for now... I'm doing some dissertation research too but I'll save that for another entry. Night night x__x

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