Friday, 17 September 2010

Old Man Development

Now it is time to start on the design for the old man. Since he will be the main character of my story, his design is the most important. I want him to be very expressive and move about easily, so I don't want him to be fat! Here are some examples of other old men I found that is helping me with my own design..

Forgot to mention that these references, as well as the one for the girl, were all found on the bing search engine and do not belong to me.

I expect the old man to be the most challenging character I have ever created, because I am not really used to drawing old people but I'm trying my best! From the previous post, here are the initial sketches I did for him..

And I've done a couple of pages more now and think he is starting to come to life a bit;

As for his personality, he's a typical grouchy old man that's lost his faith in the world somewhat. He's about 70 or so.. And he lost his wife a few years back. He doesn't really like or understand videogames and has little interest in much. He needs to walk with the assistance of a cane and he has a bad comb-over, not that he cares! He does love his grand-daughter and family though which is why he's always round their house ^^
Yeah that pretty much sums it up :)

Now I will neaten them up a bit with photoshop and see what we get with colours! ^^

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