Thursday, 16 September 2010

Girl Development

Since I've done so much of her design already, I thought I'd continue with that next and try to complete her creation.
First of all I looked at references of different similar-aged cartoon characters that I knew and also photographs of similar looking girls;

Since then I tried my first attempt at designing the main girl. For awhile I was happy with the design but I no longer am, again I feel I am rushing into the work so that I can finish it quicker, but I also know that if I spend more time on it I can get a creation that can really come to life and that I will enjoy drawing.

The first one is the rough design and the second is where I neatened it up on photoshop and improved the expressions. I am happy with those at least but I really dislike her outfit and want to change her hair slightly.
I will then need to start thinking about colours.

As for her personality and other things like that, she is 6 years old, she becomes quite hyper and over-excited easily, particuarly when concerning videogames which she loves to play. She has a 'sliding' hairstyle inspired by a character in one of the games she loves to play and she walks around barefoot cause she doesnt get out much haha.. She's also slightly chubby which isnt to do with her youth but cause shes a bit of a couch potato. So a typical modern kid really :D

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