Thursday, 30 September 2010

editing in progress

Over the last four days I have been working very hard almost all day on my pitch and I'm happy to say I have completed everything!

First the rest of the storyboards... The final videogame scene involves fighting games, and the ones I play are only Soul Calibur 2 and Super Smash Bros, so a big chunk of my inspiration comes from them.. but for this project I chose to focus on Soul Calibur as I know there are a lot more games like that (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Mortal Kombat etc.) that use the same system with health bars so I thought the audience might relate to it more that way..

Scene 4;

The climatic fight of the film.. I went into quite a lot of the detail for the fight with the animatic which I hope to upload in the next post.. For now though, the most important thing is that the Grandpa has slightly improved whilst being in the videogame, and thanks to a tip he remembered his granddaughter telling him outside the game, he defeats the opponent.


Quite a short scene.. Just shows the granddaughter entering the game, she appears because he has finally found enjoyment in the game and understands her a little better..

Scene 5/6;

In the final scene he 'wakes up' and it is implied that everything was a dream.. except for the fact that he still has the fighting head-band from the last videogame! So maybe it wasn't a dream after all??? ;) hmmm.. you will have to decide for yourselves.
Anyway.. happy ending with the granddaughter and grandad trying to play games again.. I guess what I'm trying to say with this story is that videogame can bring people together, I know that when people come to my house if we start playing videogames it can be a real icebreaker.

Now then... Improvements..

My friend Emma Wyton came over my house from Tuesday-Wednesday and she went through my animatic and storyboards so far and gave me ideas for improvements.. She suggested the addition of 'lives' in the right corner of the screen and health bars (which i only ended up using for the fight sequence as they were a bit distracting). She also gave me a couple more leads for research on this project;

This music video involves people going into videogames, and it was useful in seeing how other people had done it.
She also spoke a lot about Scott Pilgrim (there are clips from the film in the above video which was also why it was useful), who I have already mentioned in research, but the film and comics were a huge influence to this project, it's like videogame geek heaven! haha ^__^

Now I just have to do my dissertation.. but time for a very long break which involves a ton of videogames :D
I'm thankful I've done this and I most likely will keep returning to my pitch before we go back to tweak things or if I get feedback from the tutors but for now I'm satisfied with it and I think I've done some work I can be proud of.

If my idea is picked, I will have to do a couple more character designs, like the 'Bowser' type creature, and the two opponents in the fight sequence near the end as well as some of the go-carts, but I think for now I don't need to go that detailed.
Those characters will also be entirely 2D as I don't want to put too much work on my group, I think two characters to rig are enough!

Have also completed a powerpoint presentation ready to show the class, so I think I'm all set now ^^

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