Friday, 24 September 2010

Videogame Research

First off, here's the next few storyboard frames I worked on last night;

I wanted to think of an interesting way for him to go from one game to the other, so he's freefalling into it :)

And I thought I should also quickly post some of the research I've been using for the storyboard part of my project..

For the Mario Level, I went and played a bit of Super Mario on the GameBoy Color, and I have tried to change the monsters slightly so they are parodies rather than exact copies.

I also watched this level of a guy playing a very hard level of Mario and continually dying. Which led me to think of the different ways Grandpa could fail on the game - falling down, getting hurt by enemies, tripping up, fire-related death etc.

The film and comics 'Scott Pilgrim' may have been one of the biggest inspirations for this idea though, since the film is heavily based on videogames, and the characters do things like Level Up, have health bars and pull of crazy videogame battles. Until the film is released I can't show a lot of clips for it :(

After discussing my project with Emma on the phone last night I want to go back and change a couple of things.
-Grandpa is going to have three 'lives', one for each game and when he dies it will take a life away each time.
-The second level should be much shorter because I'm running out of time! So he's going to crash at the beginning!
-Grandpa will have a health bar in each game to show his health decreasing at certain stages in the level (i.e. in the mario one when he gets attacked).

As for the ending, it's bad to say, but I still am not sure which way to go with it..
I've sent my blog to Jared though to get some feedback from him, and then I will progress further and decide what to do, maybe I will need to change a lot of things.

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