Monday, 20 September 2010

Website Complete!

Okay... So I waited about 24 hours for my site to be uploaded and when I got on this morning there was still nothing... So I browsed google asking why that might be and found help through this site;

It says that if there is too much content then it may not upload. So, I got rid of all the animations on there and replaced them with the youtube vids I had uploaded instead and tried again and.. *click one of the pics below*

WOO IT'S DONE!! That's one of the four projects completed... (the others being the dissertation, summer pitch and some outstanding art I need to draw for my friends).


As for improvements...
It goes without saying I need more art and animations up there and ones that are more varied to show the extent of my skills.
And it's fine on a mac, but the 'About Me' page looks really cramped on a PC so I think that needs tweaking..
And maybe I should watermark all the images???

I think at some point in the near future I might also make some business cards and whenever I go to conventions or even meet up with people randomly, begin handing them out. No sense waiting til I graduate.

For now though I will chill out a little bit since I've been working almost non-stop on this (except for occassionally doing storyboards) for the past 3 days... *collapse*

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