Thursday, 16 September 2010

Girl Development 3

So, after my last post for the main girl character (who I have yet to name.. hmm), I tried to colour it in properly, shade it and all that jazz. However, as I was working I came across a few more problems. Here is the initial colouring of the design I chose...

Now I was sorta happy with it, but I wasn't sure whether she should be wearing such dark colours, as I wanted her to wear something a bit more vivid.
So I went back to the other designs and properly coloured those, front and back, as well.

But the first clothing colours were too similar to a character my friend had created, and the second one reminded me too much of 'Coraline'. I wanted something a bit more original, something that didn't immediately spring another character into my head.

Sooo.. I went back to the first design (at the top of this post) again and thought it might look a bit better with shading and tried that...

But I'm not sure it really made it any better.. But in the end, using some colour overlays I think I finally found a design I am happy with.

Although in this picture the colours aren't as strong as I want and I wanted to change the hair and shorts colour.. and also the eyes. So then finally......

dun daaa da daaaaaa!!!! Here is the finished character design...

The colours are purposefully reminiscent of the Gamecube console colours as she's a gamer girl and I love Nintendo Gamecube the most haha.. I think there are parts of it I may go back to in due time and either make a bit duller or change the colour slightly but all in all I think it's not too bad~

I'm glad I didn't rush straight into the first design as I would really have not been happy with that and this one I am definately more happy with (although there is a lot of room for improvement).

Perhaps if my idea gets picked my group will have some suggestions for changes I can make. It's strange but I'm starting to want my idea to get picked more and more whereas at the beginning I was indifferent. I really like this idea and want it to be made!! We will see what happens, maybe if I do a really successful, professional pitch people will want to be a part of it.

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