Wednesday, 8 December 2010

06/11/2010 - Monday's Lesson

Mike was very pleased with this Mary Blair-esque concept work attempt;

So we are going to try and use this style for a couple more pieces of concept art to see how it looks and also place the characters in them to give an idea of the finished look!

Also just want to mention another source of inspiration that I have been using, the BBC drama series 'Merlin'. It is set around the same time period as our animation and so I've been watching it and taking into account the kind of objects they have in the background for instance.

Next one is the Princess Tower and then the entrance hall..

Matt has also updated the Princess' profile so that we know more about her and can therefore decorate her room more accordingly;

Not much is known about how she came to live in a tower, but rumour has it that she was raised and educated by the guardians that live there and over time they have formed a loving brother-sister bond.

After realizing the intellectual shortcomings of her guardian teachers, and with a lot of time to spare in her isolation, she set about educating herself. It is through learning that she has found an escape from the monotony of her environment.

Having surpassed her teachers she now spends her time educating them, reading and playing chess - quite content with the sheltered life she leads and has no intention of being rescued.

She is smart, pretty and although she has tried to teach herself the proper etiquette of the time, many of the habits of the guardians have rubbed off on her since birth so she doesn't share the typical interests of a medieval teenage girl.

So I want to add in little details that will convey her personality across :)

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