Thursday, 25 November 2010

Finished Colour Palette and Concept Art

Well it took the best part of three weeks (the progress of which can be seen in the Dan's Unit blog) but we finished the colour palette!

At least.... as close to the finished colour palette that we can get for the moment. Matt and I have agreed this is just a rough wash and the concept art will be a lot more important to determining the design than these small thumbnails, but it is a start.

We also realised we did not research at what point animation companies usually make colour palettes... perhaps we attempted to make ours too soon before we began the concept art which was why it took so long to complete as we were still finalising things.

Also did some concept art;

My original attempt;

Which was then improved via advice from Mike on 2-point perspective. Original image with perspective reference;

And the improved image;

I think it looks much better :)

Matt also told me he wanted the table to be white with the shading being a reddish hue like one of the examples in the interior moodboard, so I quickly did a version with a white table for him as well;

Mike also spoke to us and said we should think about the time period our piece will be set in and then research things for the decor accordingly. He gave us a few starting points to look at;
-The Austro-Hunagarian Empire (and the Museum of the Decorative Arts)
-Museum of the Applied Arts
-The Victoria and Alvert Museum - looking at Ceramics
-Maybe think about using the banisters on the stairs to lead the eye of where the action is heading
-Art decor

So that's what I hope to finish next as well as doing more concept art that focuses on different perspectives!

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